Strauss Malk & Feder LLP has a broad-based civil litigation practice. Our experiences range from handling large and complex cases to small straightforward business disputes to overseeing and managing our clients’ regular litigation needs. Having represented businesses of all sizes as well as individuals, and having been on both sides of many different types of disputes, we bring a seasoned and practical perspective to the representation of our clients that distinguishes us from other attorneys and law firms.

We have substantial experience representing clients at trial and in appeals. Also, we routinely represent clients in administrative hearings and alternative dispute resolution proceedings, including arbitration and mediation. We often encourage our clients to engage in alternative dispute resolution so that their disputes may be resolved in a more expeditious, efficient and cost-effective manner with less disruption to their businesses and personal affairs.

At Strauss Malk & Feder LLP, we do not view our role in providing litigation counsel as being confined to handling active controversies and assisting clients in resolving disputes after they arise. We assist clients in avoiding disputes and litigation as well as preparing our clients for possible litigation. For our business clients, we help them identify areas in which they need protection and work with them to prepare agreements and policies that will prevent them from being sued or put them in the best possible position when a dispute or incident arises that may be litigated. In representing individuals, we counsel them on how to avoid costly litigation and how they can best protect themselves in the event of a dispute.

Some of our substantive experience is highlighted below. For more specific information about our litigation practice and how it can serve you and your business, please contact Brad S. Grayson by telephone at 847-562-1400 or by e-mail at

Company Loyalty and Business Break-up Disputes

In today’s business world, loyalty has declined. People regularly move from one business to another. Key employees leave for what they believe will be greener pastures. In closely held companies, long-time partners often find that their interests,… Read More

Bank and Financial Institution Litigation

Strauss Malk & Feder LLP attorneys regularly represent banks and other financial institutions in litigation. Our clients include large national banks, community banks and other lenders and financial institutions. There are two components of our b… Read More

Real Estate and Construction Litigation

Strauss Malk & Feder LLP litigation attorneys have substantial experience representing companies and individuals in the full spectrum of real estate and construction disputes. We have represented developers and owners of real estate, landlords an… Read More

Trusts and Estate Litigation, Will Contests and Guardianship Proceedings

Strauss Malk & Feder LLP attorneys have assisted numerous clients in disputes involving trusts and estates, will contests and guardianship proceedings. Frequently, these cases pit family members against each other and involve very sensitive and p… Read More
Attorneys: Benjamin N. Feder